Bài giảng Tiếng Anh Lớp 6 - Unit 9: Cities of the World - Lesson 1: Getting started

New words:

Continent (n) lục địa

 Antarctica (n): Châu Nam Cực

Africa (n): Châu Phi

Country (n) : quốc gia

Europe (n): Châu Âu

Asia (n): Châu Á

Australia (n): Châu Úc

South America: Châu Nam Mĩ

North America: Bắc Mĩ


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Warmly welcome you to my classEnglish 6Unit 9 : Cities of the WorldPeriod 69: Lesson 1: Getting startedNorth AmericaEuropeAsiaAfricaAustraliaSouth AmericaAntarcticaSeven continentsEgg-shaped building - EnglandBig Ben - England( In Europe )Egypt - AfricaSydney Opera House - Australia Times Square in New York - in North AmericaStatue of Kito – in Brazil– in South America Great Wall – in China – in Asia AntarcticaNew words:Continent (n) lục địa Antarctica (n): Châu Nam CựcAfrica (n): Châu PhiCountry (n) : quốc giaEurope (n): Châu ÂuAsia (n): Châu ÁAustralia (n): Châu ÚcSouth America: Châu Nam MĩNorth America: Bắc MĩMatching1234576AsiaEuropeNorth AmericaAfricaAustraliaSouth AmericaAntarcticaExercise 1: Read the conversation again. Then write (T) or (F). 1.Tom and Mai are reading a book.2.Tom has been to all four cities.3.Tom has been to Sydney many times.4.All the buildings in London are old.5.Tom has taken many photos to Times SquareFFTFFExercise 2: Match the words in the blue box to the names of the places.a.continent 1.Hanoib.Country 2.Nha Trangc.City 3.Asiad.Capital (thủ đô) 4.Swedene.Place of interest 5.Ben Thanh Market 6.The Louvre 7.Amsterdam 8.Africa 9.The USA 10.The LiverpoolGame: Around the WorldExample: Viet Nam 1.Which continent is it in? 2.What is its capital? 3.What are its major cities? 4.What is it famous for?It is in Asia. Its capital is Ha Noi. Its major cities are Hai Phong, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City.It is famous for its natural beauties. Homework - Learn vocabularies by heart.- Do exercises A in the Workbook.

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