Đề kiểm tra trắc nghiệm môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 6 - Đề số 7 - Năm học 2019-2020 - Trường THCS Sài Đồng (Có đáp án)

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently:

1. A. tooth B. clothing C. bath D. both

2. A. gather B. monthly C. father D. brother

3. A. though B. thank C. through D. thin

4. A. clip B. give C. twice D. stupid

5. A. studio B. documentary C. cut D. stupid

II. Choose the word whose main stress id placed different:

1. A. popular B. awful C. entertain D. stupid

2. A. clumsy B. educational C. entertaining D. documentary

3. A. national B. adventure C. program D. viewer

4. A. weatherman B. control C. newsreader D. schedule

5. A. favorite B. knowledge C. document D. memorial


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THCS Sai Dong No 7 Class 6 Name: The English Test- Grade 6 2019- 2020 I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently: 1. A. tooth B. clothing C. bath D. both 2. A. gather B. monthly C. father D. brother 3. A. though B. thank C. through D. thin  4. A. clip B. give C. twice D. stupid 5. A. studio B. documentary C. cut D. stupid II. Choose the word whose main stress id placed different: 1. A. popular B. awful C. entertain  D. stupid 2. A. clumsy B. educational C. entertaining D. documentary 3. A. national B. adventure C. program D. viewer 4. A. weatherman B. control C. newsreader D. schedule 5. A. favorite B. knowledge C. document D. memorial III. Choose the best item among A, B, C or D to complete the sentences: 1. _________ is the most expensive city in the world? – I think it's Tokyo. A. What           B. where             C. when           D. how 2. _________ is your favorite tennis player? – I don't like tennis. A. Where           B. Who               C. How often      D. How long 3. My brother can't swim _________ he's afraid of water. A. because         B. and               C. but            D. so 4. My sister likes going to the cinema _________ I like watching TV at home. A. and             B. but               C. because           D. or 5. ___________ pen is this? Can I borrow it? A. Whose             B. Whom           C. Who             D. Which 6. ___________ are you going to invite to your party next week? A. What               B. Who             C. Whose            D. Where 7. ___________ did you spend in Hanoi? – One week. A. How many           B. How much         C. How long          D. How often 8. ___________ is a person who reads a report in the program. A. A weatherman         B. a comedian         C. a newsreader          D. a guest 9. We use a __________ to change the channels from a distance. A. remote control          B. TV schedule        C. newspaper        D. volume button 10. I want to watch the cartoon _________ I turn on the TV. A. but                   B. so               C. although           D. because 11. Jerry is a clever little mouse. A. small                 B. special              C. intelligent         D. special 12. 'Let's learn' teaches children to study Maths. It's an __________ program. A. live                  B. popular              C. entertaining          D. educational 13. _________ Mai and Lan are interested in listening to music. A. because               B. both                C. neither              D. so 14. The book is __________ the adventure of three close friends. A. on                  B. from                  C. at               D. about 15. They invite special _____________ to appear in the show. A. character               B. guests               C. foxes          D. audiences. IV.Read the following text and choose the best answer for the questions below. One of my favorite vacation places is Mexico. I really like the weather there because it never gets cold. The people are very nice too. They never laugh at my bad Spanish. The food is really good. Mexico City is a very interesting place to visit. It has some great museums and lots of fascinating old buildings. The hotels are too expensive to stay but there are more affordable options. For example, you can stay at one of the beach resorts like Acapulco. If you are planning to visit Mexico, you should definitely see the Mayan temples near Merida. 1. What does Sam like in Mexico? A. Sam likes warm weather. B.Sam doesn’t like warm weather at all. C. Sam hates warm water D.Sam likes cold weather. 2. How does he speak Spanish? A.His Spanish is very bad B.He speaks Spanish very well C. He is Spanish. D.He doesn't speak Spanish very well. 3.How is the food in Mexico? A.It is very bad B. It is expensive C. It is good D. It is cheap 4What is there to do there? A. There aren't a lof of beautiful places in Mexico. B.There's a lot to see and do in Mexico C.Mexico is a dirty place. D.Tourists never come to Mexico. 5.How are the hotels there? A.Hotels are very cheap in Mexico. B.The hotels aren't comfortable there. C.Hotels are all poor in Mexico. D.Hotels are very expensive in Mexico. V.Choose true, false or no information Television is a product that was invented in 1926 and has been developed over many years and it still continues to be developed. The television was one of many great inventions in the 20th century. The television is an extremely popular product. Over the years many people have bought the television. Now, there are over 15,000 T.V channels in the world. It is clear that the television is a popular product but it is also bad for your sight. People spend almost 4-8 hours in front of a screen (about a sixth to a third of a day). This results in less time to be physically active, spending time with family, doing homework to the best of their ability and reading. This is bad as reading has been proved to affect how smart you are. Also there are many inappropriate television shows that "hypnotize" children into thinking that something wrong is right or something bad is good. On the other hand, some may argue that television can be good for your education as some television programs are documentaries, contain historical facts and help children stay up to date with the world around them (the news). I think that the television can be good for you if you can control how long you are on it and you watch the right types of programs however, even if you do watch good programs, it will still have an effect on your health and sight. 1...TV was invented in the 20th century.       2People spend about a sixth to a third of a day watching TV.       3The writer thinks that TV is not good for you.       4There are more than 15,000 TV channels in the world.       5TV is unpopular product.     6 Television can be good for your education 7 There aren’t many inappropriate television shows for children 8You shouldn’t spend a lot of time watching TV. 9.TV is good for you If you can control yourself. 10..TV isn’t addictive . Answer key I.1B 2B 3A 4C 5C II. 1 C 2A 3B 4B 5D III. 1A 2B 3A 4B 5A 6B 7C 8C 9A 10B 11A 12D 13B 14D 15B IV 1A  2A  3C  4B 5D V. 1T 2T 3F 4T 5F 6T 7F 8T 9T 10F

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