Bài giảng Tiếng Anh Lớp 6 - Unit 2: My home - Lesson 1: Getting started

Practice 3

The dog is on the chair.

The dog is next to the bowl.

The cat is behind the TV.

The cat is in the wardrobe.

The dog is in front of the kennel.

The cat is between the lamp and the sofa.

The cat is under the table.


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GOOD MORNINGWarm up Do you live in a house or apartment?How many rooms are there in your house?Vocabulary:Apartment (n):Wardrobe (n):Kennel (n):Nice (adj):Căn hộTủ quần áoChuồng chóTốtApartment (n)Wardrobe (n)Kennel (n)Nice (adj)I. Listen and read:PresentationWhat are Nick and Mi doing?Do you often chat online?Tell something about the place where you live.Practice:a. Which family members does Mi talk about?GrandparentsDad Mum Brother Uncle Aunt Cousin b. Complete the following sentences:1. There is a ____ and a _____ in Nick’s living room.2. Now Mi lives in a __________.3. Luke likes ________________.4. Mi thinks living near the city center is ______.5. Mi’s new house has ______ bedrooms. TVsofatown housesitting on the sofanoisythreeII. Prepositions of placeA. G. F. E. D. C. B. onbetweenIn front ofinnext tobehindunder(ở giữa)(phía trước)(ở trong)(đằng sau)(kế bên)(ở trên)(ở dưới)Practice 3The dog is on the chair.The dog is next to the bowl.The cat is behind the TV.The cat is in the wardrobe.The dog is in front of the kennel.The cat is between the lamp and the sofa.The cat is under the table.Prectice 41. FThe dog is between the bookshelf and the bed.2. T3. FThe clock is between the pictures.4. FThe cat is in front of the computer.5. FThe cap is next to the pillow.6. TPractice 5They are on the desk/ bookshelf.They are on the floor.Yes, it is.No, they aren’t. They’re on the bed.It’s behind the bookshelf.No, it isn’t. It’s next to the desk.HomeworkLearn by heart: Vocabylary + prepositions of placePrepare lesson 2: A closer look 1.

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